What Makes Arab Jewelry Unique

Jewelry has existed in all nations since the beginning of time. In the Arab world, jewelry has been traditionally worn by women, whereas it was strictly prohibited for men. The only exception was the case when men offered jewelry to their wives. As time changes, the approaches and rules of wearing jewelry also differ. Today, Arab jewelry continues to make a statement in different fashionable and cultural trends.

In the Arab world, jewelry represents wealth status, though the main ideas behind the symbol vary in different ages. In early times, jewelry highlighted economic, social status. People from higher social echelons showed their power through their gems. As a rule, such people came from families of royalty and power.

Different countries in the Arab world have their perspective on how to create and design jewelry. Egyptians used the landscape for inspiration, where snakes and scarabs were the most common symbols from the culture. In Algeria, artisans found their inspiration in past civilizations that ruled their region.

The ideas for Arab jewelry came from different countries and the surrounding areas in the Arab world. For example, jewelry may feature symbols of animals, religion, and references to the real world’s sceneries.

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