Modern Day Arabic Jewelry

Unlike jewelry that was crafted in ancient times, modern Arab jewelry is mainly simplistic in structure. Modern-day jewelry designers take in icons and bits of representation from the Arab world. The sources of inspiration and influences remained the same as from ancient times. It’s the structure that has changed. Compared to the times of the ancient civilizations, modern-day jewelry is more basic. The concept of attention to detail is still trendy.

There are different examples of designs and approaches to crafting Arab jewelry. For example, if you look at the works of the well-known Lebanese designer Nadine Kanso, you will notice her unique signature. She uses Arabic calligraphy and incorporates it into jewelry. She also uses calligraphy as the focal point gem of necklaces or the fundamental element of ring designs. 

If you take a look at jewelry designed by Alia bin Omair, you will be impressed by the statement pieces, each of which is delivered with a touch of elegance. By making collections that look out-of-the-box, she still links to the Arab world while using shapes and textures that scream to you. 

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