How to Wear Earrings with Hijab

If you are an accessories lover and enjoy earrings and wear a hijab, do not get upset that you cannot wear your favorite jewelry. Although not all types of earrings can match a hijab, there are plenty of ideas on how to combine covering your head with wearing precious metals and stones. 

Wearing a hijab does not mean that you can’t wear earrings at all. You may still opt for loop earrings, long earrings, tussle earrings, and gold earrings. They are always popular and give you the freedom to pick the items that go well with your Arab outfit. You can significantly change your look by accessorizing your hijab with earrings. There are different styles of headscarves that you may opt for. You may pick headscarves that match your earrings’ color or choose jewelry that goes well with your hijab. 

Here’s how an Eastern wedding day style with beautiful long earrings may look like:

Round earrings will also look stunning with Hijab:

There is also an option to pair a Hijab with Peacock Earrings:

Besides the style and color of the hijab that you wear, it’s also important to mind other elements of your outfit, shoes, and accessories. Keeping your dresses stylish and feminine, you will always look fantastic. It’s also a win-win solution to choose silk materials for evening parties. Pick a stunning pair of earrings that rock your look.

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