Where the Story of Wedding Rings Began

The report goes that the history of wedding rings began in ancient Egypt around 6,000 years ago. In those days, the ancient Egyptians were among the first who started to exchange wedding rings and wear this piece of jewelry as a symbol of love and devotion to a beloved person. The symbolism has a lot to do with the meaning…

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How to Wear Earrings with Hijab

If you are an accessories lover and enjoy earrings and wear a hijab, do not get upset that you cannot wear your favorite jewelry. Although not all types of earrings can match a hijab, there are plenty of ideas on how to combine covering your head with wearing precious metals and stones.  Wearing a hijab does not mean that you…

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Modern Day Arabic Jewelry

Unlike jewelry that was crafted in ancient times, modern Arab jewelry is mainly simplistic in structure. Modern-day jewelry designers take in icons and bits of representation from the Arab world. The sources of inspiration and influences remained the same as from ancient times. It’s the structure that has changed. Compared to the times of the ancient civilizations, modern-day jewelry is…

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