Arabic Jewelry as a Symbol of Wealth and Beauty

The importance of Arabic jewelry is invaluable and that does not happen by chance. In the Arab world, jewelry is generally considered a symbol representing the status of the wealth of a person wearing it. In early history, Arab jewelry highlighted economic, social status, beauty, and power. Wealthy people commonly used to show jewelry through their gems. As a rule, these were people from royal families.

As time passed, another identification of wealth through jewelry came in use of the monetary exchange. Women in the Arab world traditional societies are considered as caretakers for their children. When their husbands died, women used their jewelry to provide for their children.

Many years ago, the Egyptian civilizations venerated anyone who used a jewel. The jewels had great importance because they were composed of stones that possessed physical, psychological, and even magical properties. Similar traditions have remained throughout history. Today, Arab jewels have great importance for many other cultures. Arabic jewelry has always retained particular characteristics like the brightness and eccentricity generated by gold, silver, and precious stones of striking colors in diadems, bracelets, rings, rings, and earrings.

The symbols of beauty, blessings, power, and magic have been kept through many centuries. And what associations come to your mind as we speak about Arab jewelry?

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